A few ideas from St Elisabeth:

  • Math challenge - include a tough problem or brain teaser
  • Creative class projects
  • Photo editing- Sepia tones

Thanks, St Elizabeth. It's a good idea to use this space for weekly challenges, too. A maths challenge sounds good! Are all the pupils the same ages (11, 12years old)? ... from Carronshore.

Ideas from Freeville (We'd love a weekly focus topic to help us stay on track. If it is ok with everyone else I'll post one on the weekly challenges page.)

  • What's on the walls? Take a photo of classroom displays, murals, signs etc.
  • Sports
  • Lunchtime games
  • How did you get to school?
  • Looking out the window
  • Favourite spot to read
  • Look in the library
  • Maths time
  • Birds eye view
  • View from my shoe
  • Geometry
  • Through the eyes of a ....
    • new entrant
    • rubbish bin
    • football
    • teacher
    • school bag
    • pencil case
    • etc etc